May 23, 2018
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Women need a reason for sex

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He portrait of a curvaceous and semi bare-breasted lady with face expressing ecstasy and body postured sexually with an expression of oozing oomph on the page of the article “Woman enjoy sex more than men” by Dr. Mary. Spontaneously reminded me of the famous quotation of Zimmerman that reads as “beauty is worse that wine, because it intoxicates both the holder and beholder”. Right form the dawn of civilization; women have been a superb reflection of sex, sensuality, sublimity, sensitivity, maternity, and all that jazz which concerns Homo Sapiens on the Earth. Indubitably, a woman is far superior to a man from the perspective of myriad genres of human endeavors and conspicuously from the point of view of biological anatomy and genetic chemistry.

They say that the female of the specious more deadly than the male. But at this stage an important question arises: why does the fair sex mesmerize men so overwhelmingly? Is it only for sex appeal? Is it only for oomph? Is it only for the blessed and extraordinarily designed, aesthetically chiseled and artistically created anatomical configuration of gorgeous female body? However, the role of physical pulchritude of the women in arousing the lust of men and enticing the beast in them cannot be rejected outright yet it is a host of intrinsic catalysts that make woman relish the sex sauce more palatably and seriously. They say that when it comes to sex, woman need a reason, men need a corner. This is what that exactly makes a big difference when we talk of enjoying sex.

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