Jun 18, 2018
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VIP area in escort website

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This is a very old concept hat creating a VIP log in for special peoples or paid users. Previously it was only a money making technique but now it became a technique to stop unwanted or spam users from the pictures gallery with real pictures of the independent girls. So we think the adding a VIP area for escort website is necessary. The next question that we are going to face is how we can find out a particular parson is a VIP visitor and whether he is eligible for this VIP consideration. It is confusing us and need more study to find our answer for these problems.

One of the team member told that it is better to create a payment gate way for the registration of VIP member, we can earn some money through that, but another team member argued that this is not the safest way to give entry to the VIP zone of a website because anyone can enter the money and they will take away the details of our independent escort girls including pictures which is not good for their future life. The next technique is to provide a username and password to the permanent clients of our services. So they can check our gallery whether we have introduced a new escort girl for client service.

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