May 27, 2018
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Value of education in the world

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Are you thinking that this subject is not my subject? Of course this is my subject. When somebody connecting me for my service, I need to talk in their way or in their language, right? I got these languages from my education. But here my subject is not the pure education, the subject is the way of education and the value of education. It is rightly pointed out that education has today become a salable commodity because it is totally commercialized. Private educational institutions are minting fast money in the name of education whereas the quality of education imparted is questionable. Secondly, our education cum examination system is not able to produce good citizens who are capable of thinking rationally and taking active part in the process of nation building. It is only churning out degree holders i.e. graduates and post graduates fit for white collar jobs.

Moreover, today our society is going through a very difficult phase. Hatred and violence have become the order of the day. Hence I would like to add that value education should be incorporated at all levels in our education system. However, we must also keep in mind that value education should begin at home. So, only defending or blaming the education system would not do. As a Dubai Escorts girl I have to communicate with lots of peoples every day, most of them are highly qualified. I have to keep my standard with them. My education helps me to convince my client about my capacity to serve him.

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