Jun 17, 2018
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Tourism and Escorts

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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and countries are competing to attract the tourists to their country. The income through tourism is very huge compared to other services. There are different types of tourism oriented services like health tourism, cultural tourism, art tourism, heritage tourism, sex tourism, travel tourism are some of them only. These separation or specialization in tourism has been introduced in 2000 by different tourism development managers who are doing research for introducing innovative ideas for tourism development. This specialization in tourism accelerated the income of countries which trying to develop their tourism.

We would like to go deeply in to sex tourism. We know some countries in the world is earning much through sex tourism and some sex related services like erotic massage, dance bar, travel companion services, tourism guide services etc. Here the Government is support sex activists to promote their services through offering high quality and risk free erotic services to the tourists.

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