May 22, 2018
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Performance enhancement

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The contemporary public opinion has been accepted that the usage of sex or any other activities performance enhancing drugs in events is not good for health in sports it is unethical and hence it must also be illegal. But on what basis have we reached this conclusion? After all, performance enhancement is something that mankind has been coveting since the dawn of civilization. The basis is the athlete who uses dropping techniques will be able to easily beat the athletes who are participating in their natural state. So it is all about fairness. In that case, why not give such drugs or medicines to each and every one. But this will lead to the problem of a never ending race between different sporting nations to create better and still better performance enhancing drugs. Isn’t it that how science works?

It is also believed that if the usage of performance enhancing drugs is allowed then developed countries, with their massive financial clout and their capabilities in the field of genetics and medicine, will be able to create steroid packed peoples who will easily beat athletes from third world countries, where such facilities cannot be available. But the fact is that even with the ban on dropping being in place, majority of the medals go to the developed countries. The truth is that the standards for food, hygiene, medical care, sports training, etc. are quite high for almost everyone in the developed countries. Similar standards of living are available only to the small elite in third world countries. A human being who has been trained with proper food and technology will even without dropping turn out to be better than one who has been forced to train in a poor environment.

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