May 28, 2018
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Obstacles in Love

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Lack of harmony and warmth for the partner is expressed in one more ways – willful neglect of body hygiene. The husband remains unshaven, unwashed and smells of smoke or alcohol. The wife smells of spices, garlic, turmeric and neglects herself – all calculated to keep the husband out of the romance zone. These seemingly small things harden into habits resulting in emotional and physical distance. There are problems with on both sides when both are working. Both are tired and irritable. They have numerous tension and burdens. Both find sex a boring chore. Hence it is a casualty. Frequent verbal fights imply a desire to join combat. The hidden cause is a poor sexual encounter. It may also be some issue altogether outside the love, may be an external affair or Dubai escorts. For example a disturbing letter from a trouble, some relative or some other money matter.

Not the least is loyalty, my friend’s husband feels insecure because he has from day one, felt invisible ghosts haunting their relationship. This is thanks to his wife filtering with a friend of his. His failure on the sexual front provided excuse for Shanu to get fresh with the friend. In course of time, she had torrid affair with him. The marriage was wrecked. Sex before marriage is a bigger problem than is realized by wives. No women can erase her past. It cast its shadow on her married life. Most liberated women tend to forget that real love is shown not by indulging in sex, but many showing self, control till it is sanctified by marriage. Otherwise they must pay the price after marriage.

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