Jun 18, 2018
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In-call or out-call

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We are dealing with hundreds of clients everyday and we are facing lots of questions and doubts about our services. In those questions the above shown question is repeating most times. Which is good in-call or out-call? This question is coming from the deep of our client’s mind because he really need to know the difference between in-call and out-call and the difference between the feel. As a basic answer our client support team members will give an answer “In-call service will be arranged in side our area and for the out-call you have to take our escort executive outside to your place”

But there are some advanced differences between these services, first one is safety and security. Under our surveillance our clients and our escort girls will be safe because we have all the facilities to protect those including security guards. For us your out-call area is anonymous and sometimes we could not reach there to help you or protect you. Our client is the only responsible person to take care of our escort executive. The feel between in-call and out-call will be different. Some peoples will not feel good with in-call service; they need to be in their place then only they can enjoy the feel of safety. Anyway it’s all up to the decision of our precious clients.

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