Mar 8, 2020
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Newsreel – How escorts industry subsist with Coronavirus (COVID19)

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Every travellers to Dubai are tensed on circulating Coronavirus in the world. Considering this we thought of adding a write up on this current affair which slightly effecting on business, travellers and economy. The same will indirectly effect on the independent escorts service providers and escorts agency in Dubai. Please be aware and understand on coronavirus symptoms and precautions. Here we thought of sharing you the tips to be take care while going to book a service from escorts in Dubai.

According to news on 8th of March 2020 the total number of Coronavirus Cases reached 107,516 and, Deaths: 3,658. Total number recovered or discharged from hospital is 60,922 till today. Out of this 107,516 cases reported 36,898 (86%) are in Mild Condition and the rest 6,040 (14%) are Serious or Critical and under observation. Out of these United Arab Emirates health ministry said we have 15 new cases, so the total number of cases in UAE now stands at 45 cases. The total number of patients cured in UAE is seven.
The public in Dubai is advised to be careful to avoid this transmittable disease Coronavirus, including washing their hands with soap and clean water, covering mouth and nose if coughing or sneezing to give precaution on spreading the virus. At Dubai officials from the UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority said we have enough facilities for isolated patients and will be observing each and every one entering the country. Dubai nationals are quite satisfied with all the necessary steps taken to prevent the spread of virus, without pushing the citizens into a state of unwanted panic. Experts around the world have advised not to go for large public gatherings.

Now you might be tensed on the Dubai escorts industry – which have very close contact where possibly of spreading the virus is more. But don’t be panic we here at Dubai Fun Club make sure all our clients and Dubai escorts model have not travelled and contacted with the affected regions. Two days before American monthly magazine that focuses on popular culture – Rolling Stone had an analysis on this topic. They are mentioning the US porn film industry has effected and took a break by thinking not to travel for filming. They may need to travel a lot for taking a scene on kissing and other forms of direct contact which may spread the virus. In Hollywood Tom Cruise action Mission Impossible VII production has been stopped as it is filming in Italy. Where the coronavirus attack is more affected.

The coronavirus is not classified under sexually transmitted disease, only way is through contact with saliva and mucus from an infected person to another. As most of our independent Dubai escorts girls it is noted that they are afraid and they make sure they are sanitized always.

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