Jun 10, 2018
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Fake Clients

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As a leading Dubai escorts agency we are facing lots of challenges everyday like cops, competitors, public peoples, Medias and fake clients. In this list of challenges fake clients are making more head ache to us. Our team is ready to handle any kind of situation here in Dubai but sometimes we could not find out whether a client is genuine or not. We have done a detailed study towards the attempts of fake clients. Our team found that there are three types of fake clients who are disturbing our client support executives. Anonymous calls are not counted as fake calls or clients.

The first categories of fake clients are the representatives of Medias, cops and other agencies. They don’t want to take the service from us but they need to find out our location and other details. Our client support executives can easily find it out. The second category consists of the peoples who are interested in this service but they don’t have money, even they need to talk with our lady staffs. We believe that it is a part of mental depression. The third category is considered as low profile escort seekers. They have money but they are not ready to afford quality based escort services. Hope you have enjoyed our blog post and we think that you are not belongs to three categories.

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