Mar 10, 2020
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Elite Escorts and their Real Life

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Average escorts look like in the fantasy of being Call girls in Dubai.

Have you think about what all fictional is made by an escort girl while compared to reality of life and life of independent escort in Dubai. Whether a Dubai escorts model use their real names, how many clients they meet on daily basis, do they make any long-term relationship, does their friends circle know about their job or they keep it discreet. We know you would like to know about all these. So please don’t skip this article.

Dubai Fun Club giving you chance to get know about fantasy circle of a Dubai escorts service provider with their real life. Hope you know who escorts girls and companion service is different from prostitution. Prostitution is when a woman sell sensual service to a man by connecting from a roadside or from public corners at a brothel or outside location. Whereas escorts in Dubai available for in-call at their luxury apartments or out-call only at star rated hotels. They work with escorts agency in Dubai or work as an independent escorts in Dubai with a personal website or posting advertisements on other classified web portals.

High profile escorts are happy to visit at clients place at a five to seven star rated hotels or escort them for a dinner date at public places. Some escorts in Dubai prefer to work only with escorts agencies in Dubai as the risk is low on advertising and getting clients. Dubai escorts agencies will advertise and promote each escorts, get the clients on daily basis by ensuring the safety and security for a fixed fee and arrange the comfortable and secured meeting place.

Why attractive women come to be an escorts in Dubai?

Most of high profile experience models are not simply entering to the profession of Dubai escorts, they love and enjoy erotic moments and provide the best possible sensual service to each clients which is beyond the fantasies. Beautiful and curvy girls have fallen into this hot service as profession by finding a client from bars or night parties and providing escorts service in Dubai for a night or few hours on accepting money and thinks they can do it on regular basis. While others have become Dubai escorts for purely some financial issues, whether to support a child or family or to fund themselves for university education.

Are names and age of escorts are real?

Just have a look at all independent Dubai escorts details mentioned on Dubai Fun Club the most leading escorts portal in Dubai. You can see n’ number of independent escorts photographs and details which shares the same name. This will give you a clue that most of the independent escorts in Dubai will not use their real name. Likewise using unreal name Dubai escorts girls will never give their real ages, most of them shave off up to 4 years of their actual age. On other hand some escorts service provider will not provide their age on their profile details. Most of these escorts profiles which are listed Dubai Fun Club are available only for few hours or they won’t work on certain days. But on an average working days the independent escorts in Dubai will meet a couple of clients per day. Most of our Hi profile independent escorts have line up of clients back to back, this may make them a little less active than others. But an average independent escort can earn upto AED 250000 and more if they invest more time with clients.

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