May 15, 2018
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Be positive

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A few days before the marriage of one of my friends in 2013 her father gave her an important piece of advice which she is following strictly and religiously to this day. This piece of sagacious advice is more or less reminiscent of Polonius’ advice to his son in Shakespeare’s haunting tragedy Hamlet: “Neither a borrower nor a lender is: For loan oft loses both itself and friend.” My father’s advice full of wisdom was, “Don’t, under any circumstances, suspect her would-be husband of infidelity. Her mother and he have made an exhaustive inquiry about the groom, particularly about his character. He is not connected with any escort services or he didn’t go for any dating with girlfriends.

He is a man of sterling character. As he is a corporate executive he may have dealings with a number of young women (not in the mean of sex). They may even be his subordinates or executives like him. Trust him implicitly of his fidelity to you as he is wedding you after satisfying himself that he has made a very good choice. If you start feeling jealous, if he perforce talks to a woman staff freely, that emotion will consume your vitals. Jealousy is the most crippling of all emotions.” After upwards of a decade and a half after we got into wedlock I never suspected him on this score. In fact, on one occasion when he apprised me of the visit of a couple of internal auditors, women of more or less of my age and about his compulsion to sit with them for long hours, I simply not only took it in my stride I accompanied him to the guest house where they stayed and invited them for lunch at my house. These things are not showing a bad behaviour or negative sense of a human being take this in positive sense and make your life successful. Thanks for reading this article.

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