Jun 17, 2018
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Be a Genuine client

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Every day we are facing lots of sweet and bitter experiences from our clients. We are considering its all like day to day practices. Here we are sharing some tips that can help us to find the genuine client out of a large list of genuine and fake clients. We feel that bargaining is the very bad habit of our terrible clients. They will go for a cheap bargaining and they don’t want to have the services, sometimes its waste of time for us. Sometimes we are feeling that our competitors playing with us to understand our basic escort strategies.

Anyway unwanted calls are the big problem that we are facing every day. We don’t want to entertain these kinds of peoples with our Dubai escorts services. But we could not avoid these kinds of peoples completely because we found good clients among them. Some of our permanent clients started the relationship with us like this only, but we can recognize these kinds of peoples very easily. Within 1 minute talk we can understand that whether the person needs our service or he is just kidding with us or he just want to understand everything for a time pass. Once we understood his intention we will act based on it. Please be a genuine client of us.

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